Disabilities and the digital world

At the beginning of the project, the IDA project partners carried out a survey of the uses and difficulties of digital technology among 285 people with disabilities.

The results of this survey highlight the often basic use of Icts and the lack of protection, especially for social networks.

We were sometimes surprised by some answers, suggesting that some had a high level of skills. The reality observed during the lockdown period suggests that the very fact of answering questions using the vocabulary of the digital world was a barrier to answering correctly.

Specifying needs

A new step in IDA Project, we are currently conducting a new survey (group discussions) about the needs of the PWDs.

The idea is to start now with their needs, individually, socially, and professionally. This consultation must address an overall aspect of their needs while considering the potential value of digital, particularly ICTs. For example, needs to control the budget, communicate with friends, be on time, get around the city, …

Results are expected in September 2020 to be categorized and prioritized for our next meeting in order to develop the first digital solutions.