The members of the Caravan 2000 movement work to allow every human being in each member country to exercise the same basic rights as other citizens of the same country. We will help individuals with social, educational, mental, or physical disadvantages to live a life characterized by the same quality as that of other citizens in the same country.

The goals:

  • Setting up permanent cooperation between the Federation members.

  • Creating opportunities for social inclusion and a better quality of life for people with disabilities and others at risk of being marginalized.

  • Creating conditions for disadvantaged people to lead a self-determined life and protecting their dignity.

  • Combating the stereotypes which cause social devaluation due to misunderstandings, prejudice, lack of general knowledge, or lack of respect for human rights as defined in the charters of the United Nations.

These goals will be realized through:

  • The establishment of partnerships between European and other international, public and private entities that agree with the aims of the federation.

  • The development of new tools and methods for social inclusion precludes the possibility of exposing individuals to devaluation and eventual exclusion.

  • The promotion of legal and socio-political safeguards that improve the life conditions of individuals and groups who are in danger of devaluation.

  • Raising public awareness regarding the negative impact of neglecting the rights of persons with intellectual, physical and other disabilities and that the inevitable result of such neglect is discrimination.

The concrete actions that we engage in include: International professional exchanges, joint conferences, seminars, workshops, tours, and vacations.